Tips For Managing Current MicroCap Investors


Many, especially those in the microcap space, see investor relations as the job of acquiring new investors. While attracting new investors is important, even more important is maintaining your relationship with current investors.

 After all, it’s called investor relations not investor outreach! Last week Bloomberg Professional shared a blog post titled “Best practices for managing current investors“. The post the highlight six tips:

 Value your investors

 Understand your shareholder base

 Communicate effectively

Use management time well

Be reliable

Don’t cut off former investors

You can read the entire post HERE

These points are even more important for microcap public companies who usually have far less shareholders and a smaller pool of potential investors. Most institutional investors and retail investors avoid micro-caps, those that do invest in microcaps are very valuable. After all, those who already invested in your company are probably your best bet at investing more!

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