SEC Suspends Trading of 36 MicroCap Issuers


Today the SEC announced the suspension of 36 issuers. The SEC temporarily suspended trading of the companies because of questions regarding the adequacy and accuracy of information about the companies.

Trading in the following companies’ will be suspended commencing at 9:30 a.m.EDT on September 26, 2016, and terminating at 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 7, 2016:

1. A.A. Importing Co., Inc. (ANTQ)
2. ACM Corporation (ACMA)
3. Alleghany Pharmacal Corp. (ALGY)
4. Amiworld, Inc. (AMWO)
5. BTHC XIV, Inc. (BXII)
6. Buccaneer Energy Corp. (BCCR)
7. CECO Filters, Inc. (CECF)
8. Child World, Inc. (CHWO)
9. Comp Services Inc. (CMPS)
10. Connohio, Inc. (CNNO)
11. Dadongnan Holding., Co. (DGDH)
12. Day & Meyer, Murray & Young Corp. (DMMY)
13. DEI Holdings, Inc. (DEIX)
14. Diversified Thermal Solutions, Inc. (DVTS)
15. Global Industries Corp. (GBLS)
16. Havaya Corp. (HVAY)
17. Helpeo, Inc. (HLPN)
18. Hua Ye Gas Group Holding Co. (HUAZ)
19. International Capital & Technology Corp. (ICTC)
20. Kinemotive Corp. (KINO)
21. Old Fashion Foods, Inc. (OFFI)
22. Peptide Technologies, Inc. (PEPT)
23. PTI Holding, Inc. (PTIH)
24. Rancho Santa Monica Developments, Inc. (RSDV)
25. Restaurant Acquisition Partners, Inc. (RAQP)
26. Richland Resources Corp. (RRCH)
27. SMSA Humble Acquisition Corp. (SMHQ)
28. SMSA Treemont Acquisition Corp. (SAQU)
29. Stevens International, Inc. (SVEIB)
30. Sur Ventures, Inc. (SVTY)
31. USA InvestCo Holdings, Inc. (USAV)
32. Whole Gold International Group Holding Company (WGLD)
33. Winter Sports, Inc. (WSPS)
34. Wintex Mill, Inc. (WTXM)
35. Wyndmoor Industries, Inc. (WYDM)
36. Ya Zhu Silk, Inc. (YZSK)






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