Introducing the QBie™ Spotlight


Today, PubCoCEO™ announced the launch of “QBie™ Spotlight, a welcome interview for new OTCQB issuers. 

The OTCQB, also known as america’s venture market, lists approximately 1,000 issuers. OTCQB companies are held to a higher standard than OTC PINK companies but don’t enjoy as much attention as OTCQX companies.  

QBie™ Spotlight’s goal is to help issuers, that are new to the OTCQB, communicate their story to microcap industry professionals! 

QBie™ Spotlight FAQ:

What is QBie™ Spotlight?

QBie™ Spotlight is a free text based “welcome interview” for new OTCQB companies.

What questions are asked? 

QBie™ Spotlight asks the management teams of OTCQB companies to answer four (4) questions in as much or as little detail as they like.

The four questions are;

1. What does your company do?

2. What is the next big milestone you are working towards?

3. Why did you join the OTCQB/go public?

4. How can others in the microcap community help you?

Do I qualify for a QBie™ Spotlight interview? 

If you are a verifiable team member of a company that, in the last 3 months, either; (1) newly joined the OTCQB or (2) renewed their OTCQB status, you qualify for a free QBie™ Spotlight interview.

Where are the interviews published?

We will publish your interview on the homepage of, share it with our email list, and share it on social media.  

Do I need to go anywhere for the interview?

The interview can all be done by completing a simple, two-page form. No phone calls, no travel, no hassle. Most companies can complete the form in less than 10 minutes.

How much does it cost? 

For now, it’s FREE! Public companies listed on the OTCQB are often overlooked by the capital markets. OTCQB issuers, their management teams, and the professionals that serve them are the core of PubCoCEO™. Because OTCQB issuers are so essential to our network, we launched QBie™ Spotlight to help issuers share their stories with other microcap professionals (professionals who are interested in working with and helping microcap issuers).  

If you represent a company that just joined the OTCQB,  click HERE for your FREE QBie™ Spotlight.


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