Tips For Communicating With Your Board In Tough Times


Every company goes through tough times, especially microcap public companies. Whether it’s business problems, public company problems, or anything in-between, your board of directors can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy

Roger Lee, of Battery Ventures, recently shared his thoughts on “How to communicate with your board in tough times” in TechCrunch. While Lee’s advice is primarily targeted at venture capital-backed private companies, his advice also applies to microcap public companies

Lee’s insights come down to three things.

1. When communicating with your board of directors deal with reality not the perception you are trying to portray to the public. 

2. Give the board as much information as possible so they can use their skills to guide you to the best of their abilities. 

3. Prepare for problems as early as possible to maximize you options in a tough situation. 

For more detail, check out the full post on TechCrunch HERE.






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