3 Ways To Maximize The Impact of Interim Results


Interim results are an important part of investor relations. While there are a lot of important pieces to interim results, IR Magazine shared three ways to maximize the impact of interim results

1. Hold a webcast.

Using a webcast allows companies to gather additional information on attendees and their activity. Research also suggests that incorporating visual elements into the webcast helps to boost engagement. Interim results with video and slides see an increase in average registered users of 73.3% and in average viewing time of 28.3%, according to data from Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.

Archiving the audio, slide deck and any other collateral on your IR website can help improve the quality – and duration – of follow-up conversations. Archiving this information is especially important to micro-cap companies with little or no analyst coverage and limited up-to-date publicly available information

2. Call individual analysts after the public call.

The IR Magazine piece suggest calling analysts individually who often “have more granular follow-up questions, which can’t always be addressed in detail in the public conference call.” and to “gather feedback on both overall investment sentiment and the presentation itself.”

While many micro-caps have little or no analyst coverage, individual followups with key shareholders can be equally impact-full and important. 

3. Hit the road. 

Earnings provide an opportunity for management teams to reach out in-person or virtually to key investors. While its always good to keep important current and potential investors in the loop and feeling special, pre-earnings are a unique time to showcase management strength and communicate long-term vision and strategy.  Communicating with these investors immediately prior to earnings calls can increase their engagement and interest while framing the results ahead of time. 

‘The closer you get to results, the higher the likelihood you end up discussing recent numbers and the smaller picture,’ says Martin Kjær Hansen, senior IR manager at ISS. ‘Interim result roadshows with management tend to occur [prior] to the results date. That’s because these meetings are focused on current larger investors that tend to spend time with management wisely and look to get their view on bigger-picture things, even if the meeting is placed close to results.’  




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