6 Tips for MicroCaps on Cultivating Favorable Media Relations


IR Magazine recently shared some great tips for “Successful media relations during quarterly earnings“. Check out our quick summary below or view the full article on http://www.IRmagazine.com

6 Tips for MicroCaps on Cultivating Favorable Media Relations:

1. Build relationships — Cultivating relationships with reporters from a variety of outlets is a great way to gain coverage when your company has something to talk about. A reporter that understands a company and its strategy will generally lead to more accurate and favorable coverage when the reporter decides to write.

2. Don’t underestimate the press release quote — When media outlets write a story, about your recent news, it is likely they will use a quote from your press release. According to IR Magazine “Almost half of earnings stories include an executive quotation from the earning press release”. PR quotes are the easiest way for reporters to get direct quotes from top people at a company so make sure they are good!  

3. Consider an executive interview — While traditional media outlets get excited about exclusive executive interviews with large company management, microcaps have more difficulty getting interviews. There are outlets that specialize in microcaps and they might be very interested in an exclusive interview with management during big news

4. Develop a unique pitch — Is your company doing something new and exciting that a reporter’s audience would want to hear about. Convey that niche to reporters to get their attention and the attention of their audience. 

5. Produce supplementary material — Consider providing visuals or other supplementary materials to boost engagement and drive interest

6. Aggressively monitor for errors — Reporters and automated services make mistake when sharing your story. Carefully monitor news relating to your company and be quick to politely and professionally correct errors.  




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