3 Tips To Make Your MicroCap ‘Sexy’ For Investors


Leif Walcutt recently shared “Three Tips To Help Make An ‘Ugly’ Business Sexy” in a post on Forbes.com. Walcutt points out that not every business/industry can “have instant access to hype like virtual reality and drone startups” and standing out in a business “such as bookkeeping or human resources, can be a major challenge for any business owner.”

So, how can you make and ‘ugly’ business sexy? Or, more specifically for our readers, how can you make an ‘ugly’ microcap business ‘sexy’ for investors? 

According to Walcutt, and some young entrepreneurs, three tips to make your microcap ‘sexy’ for investors are; 1. Find a Niche, 2. Establish a Competitive Advantage, 3. Don’t be Afraid to Disrupt. 

Check out the full post on Forbes.com for details on these 3 Tips To Make Your MicroCap ‘Sexy’ For Investors HERE





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