IR Magazine Discusses The OTC Research Marketplace With Jason Paltrowitz

IR Magazine recently caught up with Jason Paltrowitz of the OTC Markets Group to discuss the new OTC Research Market Place. Some interesting exchanges included; Paltrowitz’s plan to change the negative perception of paid-for research and his tips for small public companies looking to increase coverage. 

Addressing the negative perception of paid-for research: 

“IR Magazine: Attitudes toward commissioned research can be somewhat negative. Is this something you see changing?

Paltrowitz: The corporate-sponsored research market does have some bad actors. That’s why we are stringent about the criteria these firms need to meet. Clearly, this is paid-for research and the firms make that known upfront, but we think if they include these base levels of protections, it will ensure the research is broadly used and meaningful.

Other ways to increase coverage: 

“IR Magazine: Other than commissioned research, what other tips would you offer IROs looking to boost coverage?

Paltrowitz: We spend a lot of time educating our issuers about ways they can grow their shareholder base and maximize their visibility with US investors in a cost-effective manner. That’s a real challenge not only for small companies with limited resources, but also for large foreign companies that maybe only visit the US once a year.

One of our IR programs that has been incredibly well received by both US and international companies is our OTCQX Virtual Investor Conference (VIC) series. Essentially, company executives get to hold live webcast presentations with investors and answer their investors in real time. Thousands of investors have participated in our VICs over the past several months and we are in the process of scheduling two more next spring.

We also believe in the power of video: a few years ago, we began offering issuers the ability to publish investor and corporate videos through our OTC Disclosure & News Service and to our website. That has become one of the most popular features with both companies and investors.

You can find the full interview HERE.


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