Direct Transfer and Olde Monmouth Join OTC Markets’ Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program


Today, OTC Markets Group announced that Direct Transfer and Olde Monmouth joined their Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program. Direct Transfer and Olde Monmouth join VStock Transfer for a total of three transfer agents in the program that launched on October 10th.  

We’re excited that Direct Transfer and Olde Monmouth have decided to join our TA Verified Shares Program,” said R. Cromwell Coulson, President and CEO of OTC Markets Group.  “Through their participation, these firms are helping their client companies build trust with broker-dealers and investors and improve the overall transparency of the OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink markets.  We look forward to working with more transfer agents to continue to grow this important program.”   

One of the main limiting factors that was always at the forefront of my mind when researching a company on OTC Markets was my concern that my reliance on the data that I found might be outdated.  Now with the TA Verified Shares Program I can be assured of the accuracy of the information.” said Eddie Tobler, Vice President of Stock Transfer at Issuer Direct Corp

Jeff English, Vice President of Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co., Inc. said  “We believe that providing the investing public with reliable, current information about the share structure of public companies is an important part of those efforts.  We are more than happy to participate in this worthy project.

Transfer agents interested in participating in the program may contact Andy Kyzyk at OTC Markets Group at (212) 896-4450 or  There is no fee for transfer agents to participate.


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