5 Steps To Retain Confidence When Earnings Fall Short


It happens to the best of em. You project earnings, internally and/or externally, and they fall short. Now what?

Carleigh Roesler and Deb Wasser (both of Edelman Financial Communications) shared a Five-step communications framework for when earnings fall short in a recent IRmagazine.com post. Outlined below is the framework they share “for communicating these misses in a way that will give your analysts and investors – as well as other constituents, such as employees and customers – clarity about the situation and confidence in the future of the company.” 

Step 1: Articulate a clear assessment of the issue

Step 2: Provide detail on the impact of the issue

Step 3: Provide a plan of action

Step 4: Remind audiences of the path you are on

Step 5: Communicate and be visible

Read the full post on IRmagazine.com HERE for details on the 5 steps to retain confidence when earnings fall short. 


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