How To Write A Clear MicroCap Press Release


Press releases have always been a cornerstone of microcap investor relations programs. The microcap press releases is perhaps the most widely used IR tool by microcap management teams.

While press releases are a great way to reach potential customers, investors, and industry professionals, it’s important that your press releases be clear and easy for the average (and busy) reader to understandand digest.  

Alex Ivanovs of Colorlib recently shared his thoughts on “How to Use Clean Communication in a Press Release” in a post. Ivanovs particularly focuses on writing press releases that journalists, who might be interested in sharing your story, can easily digest. 

Ivanovs tips come down to format and clear communication

Ivanovs on Format:

Headline — What is the main point of your news? What is your announcement?

Intro — Go all out. Answer as many questions as possible before stepping into the next parts of the release.

Sources — What are your sources of information, if any? Don’t make others question your confidence.

Key Components — What makes your announcement significant? What makes it different?

Quotes — Make any important remarks, provide input or any further advice. (also don’t underestimate the power of a strong quote

Ending — Keep the ending short and sweet, reiterating the importance of the announcement to the reader.

On Clear Communication: 

Write for busy people — journalists are by no means sitting at their desks without stories to write, or pitches to consider. Make your pitches short, concise, and straight to the point. Sometimes it helps to add a comment such as, “Please ask for more information if interested.” at the end of your pitch, so in the event of a journalist being intrigued by your story, they’ll happily reach back out to you with more questions.

Explain your use of jargon — the journalist at hand might be an expert at your business category, but who says that their readers are. Assume complete lack of knowledge about your field, and use language that reflects ease of understanding.

Write for the reader — a journalist isn’t interested in purchasing your product, they’re merely trying to find a good story to publish, with that in mind; compose your press releases for the readers / viewers, people who could eventually become your new customers.

Read the full post from Alex Ivanovs of Colorlib on HERE




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