Can You Short Sell MicroCap Stocks?


On November 8, Chris Irons, Founder of Quoth the Raven Research and twitter star, joined Bobby Kraft on his podcast (Planet MicroCap) to discuss short selling microcap stocks

Many microcap professionals have little understanding of how short selling microcaps really works. Often retail investors, or even management teams, will attribute poor stock performance to “short sellers”. In this hour long episode of Planet MicroCap, Kraft dives into the details of short selling microcaps. For those of you who have asked yourselves, “Can You Short Sell MicroCap Stocks?”, this podcast will give you answers (and maybe more questions). 

Episode 31 – Short Selling MicroCap Stocks with Chris Irons, Quoth the Raven Research and GeoInvesting cover the following: 

– Chris Irons’ background and how he got into MicroCap investing.

– What does “Short Selling” mean?

– How do you sell a stock “short”?

– Why would Irons sell a stock short and what are the catalysts.

– Difference between selling a MicroCap stock short vs. the large/mid cap stocks.

– Advantages and disadvantages of selling a MicroCap stock short.

– What short selling experience taught Chris the most, or what was the most memorable.

– His advice for new MicroCap investors about short selling MicroCap stocks.

– Some good resources for new MicroCap investors can use to learn more about short selling MicroCap stocks.

You can listen to the full podcast for free HERE


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