OTC Markets Group Introduces OTC Compliance Analytics Product


Yesterday, the OTC Markets Group introduced an enhanced compliance analytics product designed to provide broker-dealers and investment managers an efficient, automated tool for analyzing OTCQX®, OTCQB®, Pink® and Grey Market securities based on key compliance data points.

This premium offering from OTC Markets provides important current and historical compliance data points for OTCQX, OTCQB, Pink and Grey Market securities, as well as an overall ranking based on 16 factors, including Penny Stock status, Caveat Emptor status, name changes, price/volume changes and changes to shares outstanding.  

New compliance data points include:

Current and Former Caveat Emptor status

Current and Former Shell status 

Delinquency status 

30-Day Moving Average Price

Security name change history

Learn more about the OTC Compliance Analytics Product HERE.



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