Roadshows & Conferences Are The Most Popular Investor Events


Microcap managment teams often wonder how they can meet investors and share their story. According to IRmagazine.comroadshows and conferences are the most popular events for public company management teams. 

According to the IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2016, 90% of survey respondents have been on a roadshow and 95% have attended an investor conference over the past year. 

Those that go on roadshows typically did so 8 times in the past 12 months, and companies that host site visits put on an average of 5.6 in the past 12 months. 

Roadshows have gained in popularity at North American companies in the past year, to the point they now rival investor conferences as the most popular form of investor engagement in the region.

92% of North American companies go on the road with the average North American company doing 7.3 roadshows. The 96% of North American respondents who attended investor conferences did so 7.4 times.

Site visits have dropped in popularity, with 75% of North American companies typically hosting 5.6 visits as opposed to 79% hosting 5.3 visits in 2015.

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