Mini-IPO Webinar Dec 13th


On December 13th, will host a virtual REG A+ Investor Conference

The conference will include two mini panel discussions and five company presentations

The first panel, starting at 9:15AM, wil discuss “Mini-IPOs: The New Alternative for Individual Investors“. This panel will include insights from Laura Anthony, Securities Attorney, Legal & Compliance, LLC Andy Kyzyk, Vice President, Advisor Relations, OTC Markets. The panel will be moderated by Gordon Ruckdeschel, VP Operations Vintage/PR Newswire.

The second panel, shceudled to begin at 10AM, will discuss “Mini-IPOs: Mechanics and Safeguards for Investing“. This panel will include insights from Sara Hanks (CEO- CrowdCheck), Ryan Feit (CEO- SeedInvest), and Yoel Goldfeder (CEO- Vstock). The pannel will be moderated by Bradley Smith, Director Marketing at Vintage/PR Newswire.

The following companies will be presenting: 

11:00 — Worthpoint Corporation, the leading online resource for value information on art, antiques and collectibles.

11:45 — Blue Marble Biomaterials, replacing petroleum-based chemicals with fully sustainable, zero carbon specialty chemicals.

12:30 — Knightscope, Inc. predicting and preventing crime utilizing autonomous robots, analytics and engagement.

1:15 — Keen Home Inc., making the home smarter, more efficient, and comfortable.

2:00 — DSTLD, premium denim and luxury essentials at about 1/3 the traditional retail price

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