5 FREE Ways To Improve Your MicroCap IR Effort


Investor relations is a mystery to many microcap management teams. Often, management teams come from private backgrounds or previous positions at large public companies before realizing that microcap IR is a very unique function

While there are numerous “IR firms” ranging from highly professional to spam news letters, the groundwork of microcap IR can be done by microcap management for little or no expense

Below, we have outlined 5 free ways to improve your microcap investor relations effort: 

1. Message – From overly complex to underwhelmingly boring, the messages microcap public companies project to the market place are often insufficient. Its important that a microcap convey a clear, consistent, and easily understood message to investors. This is something management teams can usually do themselves and it is also one of the first thing most reputable IR firms will work on. So, put yourself in the shoes of investors and ask yourself – “would an investor understand what we do, where we are, where we are going, and how we plan to get there?”  

2. Social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are all FREE tools that microcap companies can use to further their IR efforts. There are also tons of free resources available online to help you grow your followersautomate messages, make professional profiles, etc. A strong and active social media presence can increase general awareness of your company, build trust, benefit your SEO, and drive investors to content you want investors to see.  

3. CEO or Company Blog – Blogging is a great way to share you expertise, increase your SEO rank on google, and build trust with current and future shareholders. Topics can range from industry news, company updates, or even personal updates. There are lots of free blogging platforms and online guidance available to help you launch your company or CEO blog. 

4. Update Your otcmarkets.com Profile – OTCMarkets.com is visited by thousands of investorseveryday- investors that are interested in microcap companies like yours. Through OTCIQ, a free investor relations service from OTC Markets Group, companies can monitor trading, learn about the market and distribute basic corporate profile information to investors while continuing to develop their businesses.

5. Be Easy To Contact – Many microcap management teams find themselves inundated with spam emails offering all kinds of services and thus shy away from being easy to contact. While it may be inconvenient to wade through all of the sales emails, it is very important that you be easy to contact. Include an email address on your website(s), press releases, corporate profile, etc. and respond to all relevant inquiries(even if the response is a simple “we are not interested at this time” or “check out our IR website for more info”. Responding quickly and professionally to investor inquires will go a long way toward developing loyal, trusting, and excited shareholders. 

Do you have any free tips or services for microcap public companies looking to improve their IR efforts? We want to hear from you! Tweet at us @PubCoCEO or contact us HERE


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