Does Regulation A+ Make A Company Public?


Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Business Development at OTC Markets Group, recently shared a blog post on the OTC Markets’ blog titled “Don’t Look Now: You’re Public“. 

According to Paltrowitz“It has become increasingly clear that many companies and advisors in the process of, or contemplating, a Reg A+ offering are unaware of what it means to issue freely tradable shares.”

He continues, “While the company may not plan on “going public,” the reality is that with Reg A+ they are issuing freely tradable shares… That [can], in effect, bring that company’s share trading into the public view.”

So, Does Regulation A+ Make A Company Public? In short, stock issued under Regulation A+ are freely tradable and can thus be traded on a public market like the OTC Markets. 

Learn more about going public with Reg A+ in Paltrowitz’s post HERE. 


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