Overall MicroCap Performance In 2016 – Indexes Compared


2016 was the first full year that the LD Micro Index (LDMi) existed. The LDMi is designed to be an index of “true microcaps”. While other microcap indices have average market caps of $500 million+, the LDMi contains companies with market caps of $50-300 million and has an average market cap of about $160 million.

Because this was the first full year for LDMi, many in the microcap space were interested to see how LDMi would preform compared to traditional microcap indexes (like the Russell 2000 or Russell MicroCap Index).

Thankfully, the team at LD Micro shared a nice analysis comparing the LDMi with the RUT and RUMIC. Their conclusion is that “the big picture does not show that true microcaps ($50–$300m market cap) acted a whole lot different than their larger cousins.” 

See the full analysis from LD Micro HERE

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