America’s Roster of Public Companies Is Shrinking Before Our Eyes


On January 4th, The Wall Street Jouranl shared an article titled “America’s Roster of Public Companies Is Shrinking Before Our Eyes“. 

Maureen Farrell writes; “The U.S. is becoming “de-equitized,” putting some of the best investing prospects out of the reach of ordinary Americans. The stock market once offered a way for average investors to buy into the fastest-growing companies, helping spread the nation’s wealth. Since the financial crisis, the equity market has become bifurcated, with a private option available to select investors and a public one that is more of a last resort for companies.”

The article points out that the number of U.S.-listed companies has declined by more than 3,000 since peaking at 9,113 in 1997. As of June, there were 5,734 such public companies, little more than in 1982, when the economy was less than half its current size.

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