Investor Relations Calendar For MicroCap Management Teams


Microcap investor relations is usually a job led by microcap management teams themselves or outside firms. Often, the budget doesn’t allow for a dedicated IRO or outside firm leaving CEOs and CFOs with the burden of IR. Microcap CEOs and CFOs are usually new to the microcap space an thus have little IR experience (especially microcap IR).

First time microcap CEOs can find themselves asking; When should we do a road show, update our IR website, or host an annual shareholder meeting? 

Thankfully, Vintage has the answers! Microcap management teams can download a free IR calendar for 2017 HERE. While it may seem simple, sticking to this calendar (and building from there) can go a long way for microcap investor relations. 

Some microcap IR events covered in the calendar are:

– Conference Calls/Webcasts

– Investor Conferences

– Industry Conferences

– non-deal roadshows

– and mush more!

You can download the FREE IR calendar from Vintage HERE


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