MicroCap IR Website Trends for 2017


Q4 Inc., a premier investor relations platform, recently shared “IR Website Trends for 2017” on their blog

According to a Rivel Research Group survey of 353 buy-side professionals, 75 percent of the global buy-side says their interest in a company is diminished when the website is poorly designed.

According to Q4, “At a basic level, investors must be able to easily access your recent investor presentations, earnings releases, and annual report. But above and beyond these basics, investors expect to feel empowered with choice on how to consume information when they engage with your website. This means including mobile- and video-first approaches to content, social media engagement, and interactive information in your 2017 website review.”

Q4 offered detail on the 6 following trends;

1. Mobile: first and fast

2. Even more video

3. Social media for news

4. Dynamic information

5. Corporate social responsibility

6. Accessibility

See a detailed look at the MicroCap IR Website Trends for 2017 HERE



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