VIDEO: Reg A+ Vs. Reverse Mergers


In early December, LD Micro hosted their annual “Main Event” microcap conference. The west coast conference featured a number of interesting panels relevant to microcap professionals. One of those panels discussed the difference between Reg A+ and reverse mergers (or reverse takeovers /RTO). 

The moderator and panelist examine the pros and cons of new techniques for going public and raising capital.


Mark Elenowitz (CEO) – BANQ


Nimish Patel (Vice Chairman) – MSK LLP

Jeff Houston (CEO) – GHB CPA’s

Paul Dorfman (Managing Director) – New York Stock Exchange

Watch the full video HERE.


Reg A+

reverse merger


LD Micro Main Event

LD Micro

Reg A+ IPO


REGA vs. Reverse Merger

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