4 Tips For MicroCap Companies Looking To Gain Sell-Side Coverage


Investor relations teams at small, micro, and nano cap public companies usually receive little or no analyst coverageAccording to David Calusdian, president at Sharon Merrill Associates, “Many factors contribute to the lack of adequate sell-side coverage, and they all relate to the sell-side’s inability to make money by working with small cap companies.”

Calusdian offers 4 tips for small/micro-cap companies looking to gain sell-side coverage. 

1. First and foremost, develop a solid pitch.

2. Set realistic goals and outline your systematic strategy for achieving them – but don’t overpromise.

3. Small banks cover small companies.

4. Build the relationship.

In summary, Calusdian says “Revisit your pitch and make sure it demonstrates a clear strategy for growth. Expand your universe of sell-side analysts to include boutique firms. And don’t be afraid to go on a few “dates” with different analysts in order to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that will ultimately result in coverage and greater exposure to investors.”

Check out David Calusdian’s full post on Sharon Merrill Associates’ blog HERE



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