LD Micro Index Reconstitution- February 2017


Today, LD Micro announced the reconstitution of the LD Micro Index (LDMi). This includes the addition of new companies that now meet the index’s criteria and the deletions of companies that no longer meet the criteria. 

The LD Micro Index is designed to give the most accurate representation of the intraday activity of microcap stocks in North America. The index is market cap weighted and is comprised of approximately 1,000 stocks in the U.S. and Canada.

General criteria for inclusion in the LD Micro Index are as follows;

1. Listed in the U.S. (NYSE/AMEX, Nasdaq, OTCM) or Canada (TSX, TSX Venture)

2. Market cap between $50 million and $300 million

3. Average daily traded value of $50,000 over preceding 3 months

4. Filed 10Q or 10K in the preceding calendar year

Chris Lahiji, President of LD Micro, stated “Thus far, we have been thrilled with the reception and feedback of the index. LD Micro has always been a champion of microcap companies and will continue to do so through our various platforms in order to help both companies and investors in their respective endeavors.”

Check out the full list of LD Micro Index constituents HERE

Learn more about the LD Micro Index HERE



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