Updates on The 2017 Planet MicroCap Showcase


The Planet MicrCap Showcase scheduled for April 26 – 28 in Las Vegas recently updated its website with presenters, sponsors, and the program schedule. 

The Planet MicroCap Showcase, presented by Stock News Now,  brings together the most promising companies and the top dealmakers in MicroCap Finance for three days of company presentations, one-on-one meetings, and networking.

Attendees can mix and mingle with C level executives, investors, financial professionals and industry leaders in the MicroCap stock market.

The program begin with registration at noon on April 26th. Interesting panels include; 

“Institutional Investing” Panel (Sponsored by OTC Markets)

“MicroCap Newsletter” Panel

Planet MicroCap Podcasat: LIVE!


Friedman LLP

Smith Anderson

OTC Markets Group

Marcum LLP

Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP

M2 Compliance


Brandon Mackie (www.smallcapdiscoveries.com)

Paul Andreola

Neil Levine (Friedman LLP)

Jason Paltrowitz (OTC Markets Group)

Maj Soueidan (GeoInvesting)

Chris Irons (GeoInvesting)

Chris Lahiji (LD Micro)

Jason Hirschman (MicroCapClub)

Robert Kraft (Stock News Now)

David Bukzin (Marcum)

Drew Bernstein (Marcum BP)

Margaret Rosenfeld (Smith Anderson law firm)

John Lowy (OCG)

Louis A. Bevilacqua (Bevilacqua PLLC)

Learn about presenting at the Planet MicorCap Showcase HERE.

Learn about sponsoring the Planet MicroCap Showcase HERE

Investor can register HERE



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