Average North American IR Teams Each Attended 7+ Investor Conferences in 2016.


According to the IR Magazine Global Investor Relations Practice Report 2016, North American companies, attended 7.1 conferences, went on 6.7 roadshows, and hosted 3.5 site visits on average in 2016. 

While this is an analysis of IR teams as a whole (microcap to megacap), it is arguably more important for smaller public companies to attend investor conferences and go on roadshows. Lack of traditional coverage means microcap teams need to travel for face to face interaction with microcap investors. 

One of the best ways to get the most “bang for your buck” when meeting with investors is to attend microcap investor conferencesMicrocap investor conferences gather investors, service providers, investments bankers, advisers, etc. that are already interested in microcap public companies and have relationships with others that are interested in microcaps.  

Don’t know how to find microcap investor conferences? We got you covered with our list of the 8 top microcap investor conferences for 2017 HERE.

If you want to find even more microcap investor events, check out our regularly updated microcap events calendar HERE


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