Investing In Tiny Stocks, with Ian Cassel – [Invest Like the Best, EP.25]


Last week, Ian Cassel, joined Patrick O’Shaughnessy on his Invest Like the Best podcast to discuss “Investing In Tiny Stocks“.

According to the podcast description, Cassel is “a microcap investor who is always on the lookout for small companies which are run by men and women who are what he calls intelligent fanatics. Ian’s livelihood is based on the success or failure of a small group of companies that you have never hear of—he takes the idea of “skin in the game” to another level. We explore what Ian looks for in managers, why investors might want invest in microcap companies and the benefits of a frugal approach to life. Buying public companies that are as small as the ones which Ian considers is an entirely different style of investing than what most of us are used to in the public markets.”

In each episode of Invest Like the Best, Patrick speaks with the “most interesting people [he] can find, whose stories will help [listeners] better invest” their time and money. The podcast was chosen as one of five podcasts to listen to by the Wall Street Journal. Many guests are professional investors (portfolio managers, venture capitalists, personal finance experts, researchers, authors).

You can listen to Invest Like the Best EP.25 – Investing In Tiny Stocks, with Ian Cassel HERE.

Learn more about the the Invest Like the Best podcast HERE.

And, check out Ian Cassel’s MicroCapClub HERE


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