Upcoming MicroCap Event: The MicroCap Conference New York

The MicroCap Conference

We recently caught up with Fred Rockwell, of The MicroCap Conference, to learn more about his New York City microcap event planed for April 4th.

What is The MicroCap Conference?

Fred Rockwell — “The MicroCap Conference is an exclusive event focused on improving the company experience at investor conferences. We limit service provider attendance and have a hands on approach to scheduling quality meetings between companies and investors.”

When and where will the next MicroCap Conference be held? How did you decide on that location?

FR — “Our next event will be held at The Essex House overlooking central park in NYC on April 4th. We choose NYC because it is the financial center of the world and we choose the Essex House because it is a comfortable luxury hotel for our guests.”

How would you best describe the event?

FR — “The day will be filled with company presentations, 1-on-1 meetings with management, expert panels, networking cocktail events, and great food and drinks!”


Who hosts the event? Any interesting sponsors?

FR — “The MicroCap Conference hosts independent events so that we can be selective about our audience. We don’t want an event that is over run with service providers. We work with 6 sponsors who are all the best at what they do to help us facilitate, and promote the event.”

Any panels or keynotes planned?

FR — “We have three panels planned so far. A cyber security panel, a marijuana panel, and a panel on investing in the film industry.”

What is MicroCap Conference’s history? 

FR — “This will be our fourth and best event based on early sign ups. We are expecting our largest investor turn out. We have partnered with some of the best news letter writers in the past and we will continue that model in Philadelphia but in NYC we are focused on the companies.”

How many attendees do you expect?

FR — “We are expecting +70 companies, +400 Investors, and +800 1-on-1 meetings.”

Who should attend and why?

FR — “Buyside investors to meet some of the most interesting companies in the space. They get to kick the tires on these companies and meet management face-to-face. Companies should attend because we do a great job of attracting high quality investors.”

How do potential attendees register?

FR —“Right on our website, there is a brief vetting process we want to make sure that you are an investor – www.microcapconf.com

Is there a deadline to register?

FR — “Two weeks before the event”

How much does it cost to attend?

FR — “Free for investors who are invited and approved”

Anything else potential attendees should know?

FR — “Block your calendars you don’t want to miss this event, we have a couple surprises planned.”


Learn more about The MicroCap Conference New York at: www.microcapconf.com





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