OTC Markets Releases 2016 Annual Review


This week, OTC Markets Group released their “2016 Annual Market Review“. 

The OTCQX is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and OTC Markets has a lot to share about the progress of the QX tier along with its other tiers.

The 2016 annual review includes; 

1. A message from Jason Paltrowitz, EVP of Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group

2. 2016 OTC Markets’ Events & Milestones

3. An analysis of the OTCQX and its “clear advantage”

4. An analysis of the OTCQB

and more!

Some of the key milestones for OTC Markets Group include the new OTCQX rules, the launch of their equity research marketplace, and the new transfer agent verified shares program

Other interesting stats from the review:

– 238 OTCQX international companies have a combined market value of $1.33 trillion.

– 80 OTCQX US companies have a combined market value of $13.29 billion.

– 81 OTCQX Bank companies have a combined market value of $6.03 billion.

– 37 OTCQX companies have participated in OTCQX Virtual Investor Conferences (with over 2,400 attendees – 15% of whom were brokers or institutional investors).

– 872 OTCQB companies have a combined market value of $57.02 billion

– Approximately 69% of OTCQB issuers have a market cap of less than $25 million (below).


Click here for the full “OTC Markets 2016 Annual Review”



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OTC Markets 2016 Annual Review



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