5 Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your MicroCap IR Website


In a recent post on IRMagazine.com, Scott Payton, managing partner of Bowen Craggs, shared “Five low-cost ways to improve the IR section of your website“.  

In the last 10 years, IR websites (or the IR section of your website) have become increasingly importantplaces for companies to communicate with current and potential shareholders. While there are countless ways to improve your IR website, Payton discusses 5 ways “you can do to dramatically improve your service for analysts, fund managers and private investors for practically nothing.” 

The 5 low-cost improvements can be especially valuable to microcap public companies who often have limited investor relations budgets.

See the 5 low-cost ways to improve your IR website below and click HERE to see more detail on each. 

1. Put all results materials in one place

2. Stop forcing users to register before they can watch your results webcasts

3. Add photos to the IR contacts page

4. Include comprehensive links on your IR section landing page

5. Provide investor-focused overview information

Read Payton’s full post on IRMagazine.com HERE


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