Jason Bourne, Marcum, and the Power of Humility


Most of our readers probably know of or work directly with Marcum LLP – a top 15 independent accounting firm and host of the Marcum MicroCap Conference. Most of our readers are also probably familiar with the Jason Bourne movies. What most of our readers are probably not familiar with is the tie between Jason Bourne and Marcum. 

The Bourne-Marcum connection is a result of a man named Jeffrey M. Weiner. Not only is Weiner a Managing Partner at Marcum but he also runs Captivate Entertainment, best known for managing the movie rights of Robert Ludlum’s books and producing the The Bourne Legacy. 

According to a recent profile by Scott Mautz on Inc.com, the key to Weiner’s success is humility. 

Mautz says that “Weiner exemplified each of the key traits of a humble leader” and list those traits as follows:

1. Humble leaders are willing to admit when they’re wrong and accept help

2. Humble leaders know they aren’t the center of the universe

3. Humble leaders are hungry to keep learning/improving

4. Humble leaders habitually empower and celebrate others

5. Humble leaders are winners

You can read the full profile HERE


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