3 MicroCap Investor Relations Mistakes


Jeffrey Goldberger, managing partner at KCSA Strategic Communications, recently shared a post on IRMagazine.com discussing “Darwinism and the evolution of IR: Evolve or perish“. 

Goldberger says “micro-cap companies and their respective IR advisers are failing themselves and their shareholders” by making three common mistakes. 

1. IR fatigue – According to Goldberger, microcap IR teams are often worn down by the difficulty of running a microcap IR program. His suggestion for microcap IR teams is “present yourself and your company as the company you aspire to be.

2. IR churn – With increasing frequency, Goldberger sees microcap companies switching IR firms every few months either because of management’s unreasonable expectations, or more commonly ‘bad actors’ who have nudged their way into the industry, promising the world but failing to deliver tangible results. Goldberger suggests that microcap IR teams find firms and advisers with strong reputations.

3. IR tunnel vision – Goldberger contends that microcap IR teams often have tunnel vision when it comes to IR. Many view roadshows as the key to IR success while others focus on social media and press releases. Goldberger says that “IR is grounded in a multi-pronged, holistic approach that empowers companies to communicate directly with key stakeholders“. 

Read the full post about these 3 MicroCap Investor Relations Mistakes and more in the IRMagazine.com post HERE. 


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