8 Business Lessons From WPP – The World’s Largest Ad Agency That Was Once A Public Shell


Earlier this month, Ben Kotch (managing director and investment committee member at Acquis Capital, LLC) shared the story of WPP’s “Journey From Public “Shell” to World’s Largest Ad Agency”. In his post, Kotch highlights 8 ‘business lessons’ gathered from studying the WPP story.

Kotch discusses how WPP was essentially a public shell worth $1.3 million when Martin Sorrell took control of the company. Sorell then used acquisitions to grow WPP into the world’s largest ad agency worth $30 billion. 

Below, are the 8 business lessons Kotch learned from studying WPP and Martin Sorrell.

1. Build Your Reputation

2. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

3. Boring can be profitable

4. Use Stock For Acquisitions

5. It’s Better To Have a Small Piece of a Big Pie

6. Invest In Your People

7. Embrace Change

8. Dream Big

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