WEBCAST: SEC-NYU Dialogue on Securities Crowdfunding


On February 28, 2017 the SEC and NYU (New York University’s Salomon Center) held a half-day dialogue on U.S. securities-based crowdfunding at the SEC headquarters in Washington, DC.

The event was recorded and the webcast is now archived on the SEC’s website. Check out the recordings HERE

The event featured three sessions:

Session 1: Economic rationale and legal framework for securities crowdfunding.
A discussion focused on the funding needs of small and emerging companies, legal requirements for crowdfunding issuers and funding portals, and the impact of securities crowdfunding for various market participants such as companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and regulators.

Session 2: Investor protection and capital formation in securities crowdfunding
A discussion of the challenges and tradeoffs of protecting investors in crowdfunding transactions while facilitating fundraising among small firms and entrepreneurs with limited access to alternative sources of capital.

Session 3: Empirical evidence and data on securities crowdfunding
A presentation of the empirical evidence on the current levels of securities crowdfunding, and a discussion of how future research can help shape the development of this new securities market segment. 

Click to view a video recording of the SEC-NYU Dialogue on Securities Crowdfunding in the U.S.


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