Public Company Board of Directors Trends


The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) released the 2016–2017 NACD Public Company Governance Survey late in 2016. The survey, which NACD has administered for two decades, helps directors affirm that their governance practices are effective, fit for purpose, and clearly communicated to shareholders. 

Friso van der Oord, Director of Research at the National Association of Corporate Directors, shared 10 key takeaways from the report.

1. Overseeing Uncertainty

2. Deeper Board Engagement with Strategy Setting

3. The Tyranny of Short-Termism

4. Risk Oversight Moves to a Higher Standard

5. Struggling to Meet the Cybersecurity Challenge

6. Managing a Growing Board Agenda

7. Information Rich, Insight Poor

8. Increased Shareholder Engagement

9. The Increasing Reliance On Search Firms for Director Recruitment

10. Only a Minority of Boards Conduct Individual Director Evaluations

Read the full analysis and check out the survey results HERE


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