7 Investor Relations Mistakes That Drive Investors Crazy


In a recent post on CFO.com, Jonathan Passmore of Valor IR Consulting shared a story about “How to Mess Up Investor Relations” along with 7 investor relations mistakes that drive investors crazy. 

Passmore list the following mistakes that “drive investors crazy, leading to sales of stock or, even worse, indifference“:

1. Too much information – packing a meeting presentation with as much data as possible in the hope that some of it will be useful

2. Too little information – filtering the output based on a vague notion of corporate secrecy or lack of awareness of what’s important

3. Topic avoidance – hedging responses to questions about recent performance in the hope that the investor will move on

4. Radio silence – failing to respond to problems when they occur; neglecting to follow-up on promises to provide further information

5. Not knowing your major investors – every shareholder has different objectives, style, entry points, and requirements

6. Failure to add context – no company exists in a vacuum; appreciation of the environment and competition provides valuable data

7. Executives as IROs – the C-suite should be managing the company, not investor relations.

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