Are You Ready To Answer Common Questions Investors Ask Owners?


MicroCap management teams spend a lot of time speaking with investors. From direct investors to retail market investors that own or are considering buying stock. Axial shared “17 Common Questions Investors Ask Owners” and most of them are questions that investors ask microcap management teams. 

Axial shared questions in four categories; 1. Business Operations, 2. Business Risks, 3. Your Motivations, 4. Transaction Process. 

Some popular questions include;

– Who is part of your team? Explain their roles and contribution and the investment you’ve made in the team and talk about team dynamics.

– What has been your biggest misstep as a company?

– What are your competitors doing better than you?

– What are your primary goals in exiting? (E.g., maximize price, retain a majority/minority ownership, etc.)

– Have you already been approached by, or are you already in discussions with, other investors or buyers?

Check out the full list of common questions investors ask owners/management HERE. 


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