Upcoming MicroCap Event: Planet MicroCap Showcase

Planet MicroCap Showcase

We recently caught up with Robert Kraft (‘like the Cheese and the owner of the New England Patriots’) to learn more about the Planet MicroCap Showcase. Kraft is the Chief Operating Officer of SNN Incorporated, Editor-in-Chief of StockNewsNow.com, and Host of the Planet MicroCap Podcast.

When and where is the event held? How did you decide on that location?

Robert Kraft: “The Planet MicroCap Showcase will be April 26-28, 2017 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Our event has become synonymous with Las Vegas, or the “Vegas” conference. There are fantastic MicroCap events in New York and Los Angeles, and we saw the need to have an event that’s not only a great destination for business, but the nation’s #1 destination for entertainment.”

How would you best describe The Planet MicroCap Showcase? 

Kraft: “The Planet MicroCap Showcase is an ode to how MicroCap conferences used to be done when the advent of 1on1 meetings was first introduced. One thing I discuss at length on the Planet MicroCap Podcast is the importance of qualitative due diligence, and the Planet MicroCap Showcase is all about that: allowing for investors to see the company present before their scheduled 1on1 meeting.

Furthermore, on April 26th, we’ll be doing a half-day MicroCap Investing Workshop with well-known influencers, experts, fund managers and newsletter writers in the MicroCap market, like, Chris Lahiji, from LD Micro, Paul Andreola and Brandon Mackie from Small Cap Discoveries, Maj Soueidan and Chris Irons from GeoInvesting.com, and Len Haussler from Opus Capital Management, to name a few.

On April 27th, there will be company presentations only, and on April 28th, there will be 1on1 meetings only.”

Who hosts the event? Any interesting sponsors? 

Kraft: “SNN Incorporated, publishers of StockNewsNow.com, The Official MicroCap News Source, the MicroCap Review Magazine and the Planet MicroCap Showcase, are the hosts of the Planet MicroCap Showcase.

We are very thankful to our sponsors for the Planet MicroCap Showcase:

Friedman LLP, Smith Anderson, OTC Markets, Marcum LLP, Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP, M2 Compliance, Canadian Securities Exchange, Espacemc.com, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust, WestPark Capital, BMA Securities, Bevilacqua PLLC, Legal & Compliance, LLC, Greentree Financial Group, Inc. and Weinberg and Company.”

Any panels or keynotes planned?

Kraft: “Yes – on April 26th, we’ll be hosting a half-day MicroCap Investing Workshop, where we will have the following panels, as well as our keynote speaker.

Here are the following panels and participants:

“Institutional Investor” Panel, sponsored by OTC Markets Group
Moderator – Jason Paltrowitz, OTC Markets
Speakers: Bill Nasgovitz (Heartland Advisors), Len Haussler (Opus Capital), Ralph Garcea (Echelon Wealth Partners)

“Financial Trends in MicroCap”, sponsored by Smith Anderson
Moderator – Margaret Rosenfeld, Smith Anderson
Speakers: Louis Bevilacqua (Bevilacqua PLLC), Laura Anthony (Legal & Compliance, LLC)

“MicroCap Newsletters – Listen to the Experts”
Moderator – Robert Kraft, StockNewsNow.com
Speakers: Paul Andreola (Small Cap Discoveries), Maj Soueidan (GeoInvesting.com), Brent Cook (Exploration Insights)

“Accounting” Panel, sponsored by Friedman LLP
Moderator – Neil Levine, Friedman LLP
Speakers: David Bukzin (Marcum LLP) and Corey Fischer (Weinberg & Company)

“Planet MicroCap Podcast – LIVE”
Moderator – Robert Kraft, Host of the Planet MicroCap Podcast
Speakers: Chris Lahiji (LD Micro), Jason Hirschman (MicroCapClub Member/@EightTrack), Chris Irons (GeoInvesting.com), Brandon Mackie (Small Cap Discoveries)

Our keynote speaker will be Bill Nasgovitz, Heartland Advisors, who will be discussing to following topic: “Active Resistance or Passive Acceptance.””

How many attendees do you expect?

Kraft: “We expect to have between 400-500 attendees and 50-60 companies presenting at our event.”

Who should attend and why?

Kraft: “If you are a MicroCap investor and/or interested in investing in MicroCap stocks, this is the conference for you. Not only will you have the chance to learn from well-known experts and influencers, you will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded MicroCap investors and MicroCap management teams.”

What size and type of MicroCap public companies should attend? How do they qualify/present? 

Kraft: “Public companies that are $500 million in market capitalization or less. Depends on availability.”

How do potential attendees register? 

Kraft: “To register for the Planet MicroCap Showcase, please send us an email to info@snnwire.com with the following information:

– First name, Last name, Phone #, Email, LinkedIn Profile (if you have one), Firm and Firm’s website.”

Is there a deadline to register? 

Kraft: “I would recommend anyone interested in attending the Planet MicroCap Showcase that they pre-register. Before April 26, the conference is complimentary for investors and analysts, however, for all walk-ups or people who have not pre-registered, the cost is $895 per ticket.”

How much does it cost to attend? 

Kraft: “Our event is complimentary for:

–    Individual Investor (retail, accredited, or non-accredited)
–    Institutional Investor (please include firm name)
–    Research Analyst (buy-side / sell-side)
–    Registered Investment Advisors
–    Registered Representative (please include firm name)

Please send an email to info@snnwire.com for verification of credentials.

If you are one of the following and you wish to attend:

–    Advisors
–    Attorney’s
–    CPAs/Accountants
–    Consultants
–    Investor Relations Professional
–    Lender
–    Public Relations Professional
–    Research Providers
–    Website Services Provider

You will be asked to purchase a ticket to the Planet MicroCap Showcase – $895 per ticket”

Anything else potential attendees should know?

Kraft: “Get ready to have a great event of networking, learning from the best in the MicroCap space and meeting with like-minded individuals.”

For more information about our event – see Presenting Company list, Speakers, Agenda and to book your hotel accommodations at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino – please visit: www.PlanetMicroCapShowcase.com


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Planet MicroCap Showcase

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