How to Identify & Contact Current MicroCap Shareholders


Who are my shareholders and how do I contact them is probably a question every microcap CEO has asked themselves. Thankfully, Christopher Eddy of Catalyst IR shared some guidance on how to identify and contact current MicroCap shareholders in a recent post on 

Eddy points out that the easiest way to identify shareholders is through 13F reports but “retail investors and smaller sub-13F level managers can account for a substantial portion of a smicrocap’s share base but are also not included in these reports.

Eddy goes into a lot of detail about how to identify both registered and “street name” shareholder and how to then contact them. Some of the topics covered include:

– Registered shares vs street name shares

– Requesting NOBO and registered shareholder lists

– How do I reach OBOs?

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Registered Shares

Street Name Shares

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