How IR Professionals Can Show Their Value To MicroCap Management Teams


Investor relations is an important function for microcap public companies that is often executed by senior management teams (CEO & CFO) with the help of outside IR firms and consultants. Sometimes, outside microcap IR firms and consultants struggle to quantify their impact on a microcap company. 

post on discusses how IR teams at larger companies show their worth to senior management. The most popular way IR teams show their worth to management is with investor feedback. 

In IR Magazine’s new research report, Measuring & Demonstrating IR: Part II – Senior management, IR Magazine asked IROs – “what is the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of investor relations to senior management at your company?

The most frequently cited way to demonstrate value was investor feedback with IROs responding with the following statements;

‘Provide feedback from Wall Street on the strategy and direction of the company’ – small cap, energy, US

‘Add value by providing investor feedback and competitive intelligence as well as strategic feedback. This helps set the corporate goal agenda’ – large cap, materials, US

‘Share the views of the market, participate in strategy discussion and the formulation of messaging’ – mid-cap, financials, Singapore

Other popular ways for IR teams to show their value were share price (and other share-price related issues such as liquidity and volatility) and shareholder diversity and turnover. 

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