Should MicroCaps List a Specific Named IR Contact on Their Website?


A recent analysis by IR Magazine revealed that “The S&P 100 is split exactly down the middle when it comes to listing a named contact on their IR websites, with 50 companies listing the head of the IR department and the other 50 listing generic contact information.

IR Magazine goes on to ask the IROs at some of these large firms why they choose to include a specific contact or not. While listing specific contacts is split 50/50 among the S&P 100, there is one thing they can all agree upon – The important thing is ensuring a response to incoming questions.

Ibrey Woodall, senior vice president of web communications services at Business Wire, says users should be able to find out who heads the IR department within ‘one or two clicks’ from the IR site homepage. “This is investor relations – relations being the key word,” she says. “If an investor can’t find the person to relate to, there is no relation.”

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