Tips For Targeting MicroCap Investors



Last month, IR Magazine shared their “Top tips for targeting investors“. According to the post there are many time and cost efficient ways of targeting investors including; 

– Get help – but mix it up: Most IR firms have dedicated investor targeting services that can be very helpful in identifying the right potential investors for you company.  But, as there are many firms offering these services, the post suggests working with a variety of firms to reach a more diverse pool of potential investors. 

– Go it alone: The post highlights that while investor relations firms can be very helpful, “sidestepping the sell side and reaching out to existing and potential investors themselves” can also be very beneficial.

– Think outside the institutions: Jeff Tha, CEO of corporate access technology provider Meetyl, says: “Most companies have contacts with institutional investors, but some – including real estate investment trusts, energy companies and other investment trusts – are looking to supplement their investor group with high-net-worth investors. These are mid-cap companies that want to expand their investor registry beyond the 50/50 institutional/retail make-up that is common.”

–  Check out the tech: video or virtual communications services are useful alternatives for those looking to target without the travel. There are also software solutions, such as Classify by Issuer Direct, a cloud-based software system that can be used to target and identify investors.

– Think internationally: The post suggest that IROs think about targeting investor beyond the usual financial hubs like New York and London.

– Watch your peers: Looking at investors in similar companies can give IR teams an idea of investors who may be interested in their company. 

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