Average Size & Budget for SmallCap IR Teams


IR Magazine recently shared some findings from the IR Magazine Global Practice Report 2016 relating to SmallCap public companies. 

The research report classifies small-cap companies as those under $1 bn in market capitalization. Of the roughly 1,300 IR professionals who took part in the survey, 24 percent said they work at small-cap companies.

Key findings related to the average size and budget for smallcap IR teams include:

Team size: 1.6 people
Reporting to the CFO: 50%
Number of analysts: 5.6
IR budget: $224,000, with $78,000 spent on external services
Median IRO salary: $150,000-$199,000
One-on-one meetings per year: 87
Percentage of one-on-one meetings with senior management: 56%
Total days spent on IR by senior management: 52

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