Webinar: Digital Trends That Drive Investor Engagement


The changing digital landscape affects how IR professionals communicate and engage with investors because people consume content differently.

Digital channels need constant TLC to keep up with technology changes and investor expectations. Investors want to be able to see your stock charts, financials and story, all at a glance.

How can you effectively connect and communicate with investors in a more interactive way?

In a May 31st webinar hosted by IR Magazine and Q4, the panelists will discuss IR digital trends that drive better engagement with investors:

• The changing landscape of content consumption: Investor expectations and how people consume content 
• Website trends: Interactive design, financial reporting, video, social, mobile, additional tools and feeds, and so on
• How to connect with the social investor by incorporating CSR/ESG
• SEO optimization: Why it matters 
• Website analytics: What they are and how to use them to optimize and improve messaging

The 60 min webinar is scheduled for May 31 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time or after on demand.

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