Do Investors Insist That You Have an IR Website?


PR Newswire’s 2017 Shareholder Communications 365 Study asked nearly 4,000 institutional investor – “Would you invest in a public company that does not have an investor relations website?” 

The answer – 65% of institutional investors surveyed would not invest in a public company that did not have an IR website. 31% of institutional investors said they would and that is down 12% from last year’s survey. 

Historically, this question always receives a wide variety of comments:

Communication with the investment community is an essential component of a well-managed public company.

Companies have to have an investor relations section on the company website to consider investment.

Depends on how well I otherwise know the company and the information the company makes public.

Depends upon information obtained from other reputable sources.

Generally no, but if I have knowledge of the company and other reliable source of info I might consider the company.

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