Recordings of Panel Discussions from The 2017 MicroCap Showcase Released


Last month’s Planet MicroCap Showcase in Las Vegas featured five great panel discussions for microcap professionals.

If you missed the panels because you couldn’t attend (or where too busy networking!), you’re in luck because Stock News Now recorded all of the panel discussions and shared them on YouTube

Panels included:

“Institutional Investor” Panel, sponsored by OTC Markets Group
Moderator – Jason Paltrowitz, OTC Markets
Speakers: Bill Nasgovitz (Heartland Advisors), Len Haussler (Opus Capital), Ralph Garcea (Echelon Wealth Partners)


“Financial Trends in MicroCap”, sponsored by Smith Anderson
Moderator – Margaret Rosenfeld, Smith Anderson
Speakers: Louis Bevilacqua (Bevilacqua PLLC), Laura Anthony (Legal & Compliance, LLC)


“MicroCap Newsletters – Listen to the Experts” 
Moderator – Robert Kraft,
Speakers: Paul Andreola (Small Cap Discoveries), Maj Soueidan (, Brent Cook (Exploration Insights)


“Accounting” Panel, sponsored by Friedman LLP
Moderator – Neil Levine, Friedman LLP
Speakers: David Bukzin (Marcum LLP) and Corey Fischer (Weinberg & Company)


“Planet MicroCap Podcast – LIVE”
Moderator – Robert Kraft, Host of the Planet MicroCap Podcast
Speakers: Chris Lahiji (LD Micro), Jason Hirschman (MicroCapClub Member/@EightTrack), Chris Irons (, Brandon Mackie (Small Cap Discoveries)



We will be sharing summaries of each panel in the coming weeks on our homepage so keep an eye out! 


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