Financing Trends for 2017 from a Legal Perspective — Planet MicroCap Showcase Panel

The Planet MicroCap Showcase 2017 in Las Vegas featured a number of great panels geared towards microcap professionals. One such panel was the “Financing Trends for 2017 from a Legal Perspective” sponsored by Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan, LLP.

The panel was moderated by Margaret Rosenfeld of Smith Anderson. Speakers included  Lance Kimmel – SEC Law Firm, Louis A. Bevilacqua – Bevilacqua PLLC, and Lazarus Rothstein – Legal & Compliance LLC.

Topics discussed include;

Reg A+ offerings

– What is the average cost of a Reg A?

– How to fund a Reg A offering.

– Pitfalls of using Reg A.

Reverse Mergers

– New trend of NASDAQ listed near shells merging with larger operating businesses

Trends in public company finance

– Convertible debt continues to be very active

Audience questions:

– What is the time frame for a Reg A offering?

– How do you decide what route to take when going public (out of the 25+ go public options).

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Planet MicroCap Showcase


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Reg A+ IPO

Reg A+

Reg A Cost

Reg A timing

REGA vs. Reverse Merger

reverse merger

NASDAQ Reverse Merger


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