What to Know Before Commencing a Transaction – Accounting Panel from the Planet MicroCap Showcase

The Planet MicroCap Showcase 2017 in Las Vegas featured a number of great panels geared towards microcap professionals. One such panel was the “Accounting Panel What to Know Before Commencing a Transaction Accounting Panel” Sponsored by Friedman LLP.
The panel was moderated by Neil Levine of Friedman LLP. Speakers included  Corey Fischer – Weinberg & Company, Wesley Ramjeet – PPMT Group, and Justin Van Fleet – Friedman LLP.
Topics discussed include;

The impact of convertible debt and warrants on financials and how to report and communicate non-cash losses as a result for financing.

Pitfalls of issuing stock to private company teams prior to an IPO.

Acquisitions pitfalls from an accounting standpoint.

How are founder shares treated in an IPO?

What are the biggest uplist hurdles for an OTC company from an accounting standpoint?

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