Interview with ACF Equity Research Regarding The Research Marketplace

Each month, starting in May, OTC Markets Group will feature an interview with an equity research firm that is part of their Research Marketplace.

This month’s interview was with ACF Equity Research.

ACF Equity Research, an independent equity research house with global distribution, specializing in institutional research, discusses their equity research services and the value of research for small cap companies. 

OTCM: Why should a small cap company consider issuer paid research?

ACF: Liquidity is the life blood of any publicly traded company. The right research gets results. As research coverage of smaller issuers continues to decline, issuer paid research provides a credible third party voice to share your company’s story or defend against detractors.

OTCM: What criteria should a company use when selecting an equity research firm?

ACF: Companies should consider a few key points when evaluating and selecting a research firm:

  1. As independent as possible. This comes through in the firm’s process, reputation and clients.

  2. As high quality as possible. Analysts who understand small and mid-cap businesses and their challenges, from the inside as well as the outside.

  3. Made up of dynamic individuals, who can capture and tell your company’s story.

OTCM: What can a company expect when they select ACF?

ACF: We get results for our clients. It starts with high quality work combined with bespoke thinking.  Our team generates a sophisticated independent and credible product. Great story-telling skills provide a third-party voice for professional investor analysis. Finally, our global distribution capacity provides for the broadest reach.

OTCM: What sets ACF apart from other research providers?

ACF: We lead the research market in innovation. Our partners benefit from a boutique-feel service backed and underpinned by a forceful platform offering. Our analysts are sector specialists with long, relevant and rounded experience in both small/mid-cap and large companies – and they can bring excellent insight and understanding.  And, we take pride in our global distribution capabilities.

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