Observations From LD Micro: 3 Ways MicroCap Investing is Changing for the Better


By all accounts last week’s LD Micro Invitational was a huge success! For those who couldn’t attend, Harris Kupperman (founder of Praetorian Capital) shared “The Lowdown From LD Micro” on his blog AdventuresInCapitalism.com

Kupperman says that at the LD Micro Invitational he “learned that the world of micro-cap investing is finally changing for the better.

He shares three observations from the conference that show microcap investing is better now than it was years ago:

1. Reg A+ has made it much cheaper to be a small public company.

2. It is now much harder for microcap CEOs to siphon off the majority of cash flow for personal benefit.

3. There has been an increase in underwritten offering for smaller companies ($2 to $10 million)

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